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Sahher is a London based belly dancer who originally began her dancing career in New Zealand.


Having trained and performed extensively over the past 16 years both in New Zealand and internationally, Sahher enjoys sharing her love of Middle Eastern dance, whether through teaching or performing.


Sahher believes that dance is a way of expression and helps to merge the spiritual and physical aspects of our lives.


Dancing brings her joy and the friendships that have developed along the way are ones that she cherishes and carries with her wherever she is in the world.


No matter where you travel to, you will always find a dancer to meet up with up. It's such a large community and one that is very welcoming.


She truly believes that 'life is a dance from one stage to the next', and as long as dance features in her life, Sahher is always happy.


Belly Dancer Auckland | Sahher Belly Dancing

Sahher Belly Dancer 
London, United Kingdom

Belly Dancer Auckland | Sahher Belly Dancing