Dark Side of the Crown - Belly Dance Evolution in Berlin, Germany

OMG! Can this be real? Here I am in Berlin, Germany, to see the BDE Theatre production - Dark Side of the Crown, featuring Jillina, Kaeshi, Sharon, Louchia, Lauren, Heather, Ozzie, Twixx and Danielo.

Well, what an amazing show! The pre-show featured local dancers and really warmed us up for the main event. WOW! I've never seen a show like this before - it had everything - love, murder, mystery, intrigue and fabulous dancing. The boys! What can I say about the boys except YOWZAAAA! They were fantastic. I was so overwhelmed by finally seeing Jillina dance too - in the flesh! She is gorgeous and so petite. What a wonderful dancer. She was also one of the original BDSS that I've adored for many years. After the show I found out that Jillina was holding workshops the next day! I was flying out at 10pm but could make the drum solo workshop at 3pm! Wohoooo! It was fabulous to attend and to be able to learn from Jillina. I'm truly starstruck! (Nearly missed the flight on the way back to the UK, but that's another story!)

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