Ranya Renee in Christchurch, New Zealand

Ranya Renee of NYC - how lucky are we in NZ to have Ranya Renee come over and take workshops for us AND then dance in our Hafla on the evening.

I was lucky to have a private lesson with Ranya and a couple of friends.

Her first words to me were - 'you have FIRE in you' - LOL - well, yeah, I suppose I do :-) She says it's good to play it up when needed but I also need to tone it down too at times. she is such a great teacher and dancer.

The Hafla was a great end to the day of workshops and Ranya was a delight to watch dance.

Ranya passes her energy around the room and gains peoples attention without them realising it - there were a group of people talking at one point and she 'threw' her energy over to them and they suddenly paid attention - it was quite amazing - she didn't go over and dance in their face or anything, she merely projected their way and they obviously felt it.

Sooooo happy to have been able to attend this weekend in Christchurch.

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