Kaleidoscope of Stars Gala Show

WOW! I've just home from the Gala Show and am still on a high from a fantastic night!!!! What a great line up - colourful and varied dances, talented dancers and a joy to watch! Aleksey is soooo cheeky, gorgeous and a fantastic dancer – I have to say there’s a touch of ‘being smitten’ with him going on here – LOL. To see him and Elena dance together too – hilarious – they have a great rapport and light up the stage.

Loved Ozgen's ‘One Day in Istanbul’ – the way he and the dancers played out the story was amazing!

The London Algerian Ballet group gave a fantastic performance that covered the rich heritage and history of Algeria, and TaraLee danced the Tanoura - I love watching this. Mesmerising.

I've had a great night and am soooo looking forward to the workshops tomorrow - I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to study with Aleksey, Elena and Ozgen - they have the 'X' factor Can't wait!!!

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