2nd-4th August

Ergonomics & Body Mechanics for Dancers

Stage Presence: The Art of the Charismatic Dancer

Drum Solo Technique & Choreography: The Heartbeat of the Dance

Show on Saturday night: Winter Ascendance Dark Carnival show with alternative belly dance, sideshow acts and a mini marketplace.

I was only going to go to one workshop with Sashi, but ended up doing them all! Sashi is a wonderful teacher and the show was fantastic! She was mesmerising to watch. There was one part in her dance where she looked like she threw an energy ball to me, and I really felt like catching it then passing it back to her :-) - she looked like she caught it back, and and then she passed it on to someone else. I really felt it. Amazing! The show was full of fantastic dance and such hilarity - I was cracking up when Sashi AscendTribal Dance was chasing the clown off the stage and Melissa Charbs Willsy was crawling along the floor. The pesky clown (Bex) was awesome and Melissa, as the Ringmaster Extraordinaire did a 'fairly' good job at keeping her under wraps! A great weekend.

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