MEDANZ Mini-Festival - Auckland

23 August 2013 - 25 August 2013

Workshops with Kim Grison followed on Sunday afternoon with Middle Eastern Magic Show at Glen Eden Playhouse Theatre.

Friday night - we kicked off at Apadama Restaurant in Dominion Rd. Yummy food and good company and a chance to meet Kim who would be teaching the workshops on the weekend.

Saturday - workshops with Kim - the morning started out with technique and then short combos were introduced, which were elaborated on in the afternoon as we were learning a choreography to be performed at the show the next day. At lunchtime Kim talked about her dance career and her time living and dancing in Singapore. It was really interesting to hear about some of the venues she'd danced at.

Saturday night, we took off to be entertained at the Oasis for Dance Student Show. It was a lovely show and the theme was of tourists in Egypt seeing all the dancing at different venues, i.e. there was a restaurant set and so on. It was really cleverly done and a most enjoyable night.

Sunday morning we went to Glen Eden Playhouse to practise the choreography and organise stage setting of the dancers etc. It was all going really well till the lights went out! How creepy is a theatre in the pitch black? Very! 3 hours prior to show time and a huge local transformer had blown! Not to be deterred we practised back stage where emergency lights had come on. Anyway, the lights came back on with about an hour to go, so all good!

The show was a big hit as usual with teachers and students from all over participating. And we performed the choreography that we'd learnt the day before! And I have to say, we didn't do too bad - all down to Kim's great teaching! :-)

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