Kaeshi Chai Belly Dance Workshops and Hafla, Auckland

25-26 March 2014

Hot from the success of the BDE show and workshops, Kaeshi made a trip to NZ for a break, and during that time she kindly took a couple of workshops for us.

Tuesday p.m was Innovative Veil Technique (2 Hours). This was a great 2 hours and we learnt different ways to use the veil as well as being inspired by watching Kaeshi dance with it.

Wednesday p.m we learnt Habibi Min Zaman Choreography (2 Hours) which is a fun, sassy choreography. Lots of poses and Kaeshi's signature flavour! And then the Hafla! What an absolute treat! Some NZ dancers who were at the workshops gave us each a solo and we even performed the choreography we’d just learnt that night.

And Kaeshi did 3 performances for us – each one as fabulous as the other, but I have to give a special mention to the white masked dance that she did. You could hear a pin drop as she came towards us. Absolutely mesmerising – she drew you in with her eyes behind the mask, and her slow deliberate moves. It was breath taking! I felt really lucky to have Kaeshi come to Auckland and take these workshops for us. She is a really giving, beautiful dancer and a real inspiration to follow.

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