Two LIVE MUSIC Belly Dance Workshops in LONDON with Hossam & Serena Ramzy

In London!

What a fantastic two days of workshops with Serena and Hossam.

On Saturday we did the “TAK RAKA TAKOM” the latest choreography by Serena Ramzy to a Hossam and his drum group - it was energetic, catchy and I loved it! It was brilliant to have live drums - you could hear all the accents etc.

On Sunday, we concentrated on how to improvise to a live sound as opposed to a pre-recorded improvisation.

We learnt:

"Basic Parts of Baladi, how they interact together. You will learn how to dance Musical Layers over the rhythm, which Rhythmic Combinations are used in Baladi and how to recognize the right parts of the music to pull back the energy and when to let it all come out in a flourish of emotional and artistic explosion. You will also learn the Expanded Style of Baladi and how do you deal with Shaaby songs that may follow the basic Baladi progression."

We had a violinist, an accordionist and a keyboard player who had all played with some big name bands, for some big name stars :-) and we had drummers of course. The sound was absolutely amazing and I found improvising to live music much easier than a pre-recorded CD - for some reason I was able to feel it more. At one point, a man entered the hall where we were and the musicians welcomed him - he's a famous Duff player they told us, and they gave him a duff to join them and he joined in for one number - it was brilliant!!

Serena and Hossam are a fantastic couple who share their knowledge and enthusiam for music and dance - they are such good teachers and it was lovely to see them again and to study under them for this weekend.

I was so pleased to be able to go along to the workshop with Angela Mott as she was in London staying with me during that time. We had a great time!

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