Shimmy in the City Saturday

After a lovely Friday night at the Folkloric Show and a comfortable sleep in my luxurious room at the Jurys Inn Hotel, I make sure I have a plentiful breakfast from the smorgasboard on offer before setting off to start the day with Khaled and Kazafy's workshop.

  • Combination Technique between Raqs Sharki Khaled Style and Folklore Kazafy Style

I thoroughly enjoyed this - Khaled and Kazafy worked well together alternating during each combination to give a different perspective. This was cleverly done and was wonderful to see the two of them dance up close. What wonderful wonderful dancers they are :-)

  • Tito - Saidi Song - Stick Technique with short choreography

WOW! - He's got such energy and presence and commands the stick with such power! I have finally got to see and meet and study with Tito. Do I sound overawed? Well, I am just a tad ;-)

  • Randa - Technique and short choreography

Yet again, just like in Randa's Masterclass yesterday - high energy and wonderful signature dance moves completed this workshop.

Blissfully tired after a full day of workshops, a quick bite to eat is grabbed on the way back to the Hotel, a quick shower and makeover, and I make my way back to Fairfield Hall for the ORIENTAL GALA SHOW.

Oh my, what a line up!

Starring: Aida Nour, Virginia, Elena, Yulia, 2014 Group Competition Winner, local UK & international dancers AND World Super Star from Egypt - Randa Kamel

All I can say is I am soooo thrilled to have been able to be here, part of this weekend and see these Icons of dance perform in the flesh! (With clothes on of course!).

I can't stop smiling. Jen and Nick both agree it's been a fabulous night after a fabulous day!

The Farida Dance Souk in the foyer has been there Friday and Saturday - what a stunning array of costumes!

"From budget bra and belt sets that you can customise yourself to amazing designer creations. Farida Designers: Eman Zaki - one of Cairos top designers with her own unique and elegant style. Hanan Mahmoud - a fantastic designer with a whole new range - most not yet seen in the UK."

OMG - it's like being a kid in a candy shop! So many beautiful costumes, styles, materials, colours to choose from. My eyes are wide! I may just have to treat myself ;-)

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