Shimmy in the City Sunday

Sunday morning - up and about - a quick breakfast and I'm on my way again for final 3 workshops of the weekend.

  • Aida Nour - Sha'abi with a 1990 Sha'abi Style

She is wonderful! It was a joy to see her perform last night and the workshop is every bit as fantastic! She breaks down the choreography into components that can easily be followed and is a thorough teacher. I am overawed.

  • Randa Kamel - Technique and short choreography

No, one can never have enough of Randa - she is fabulous and delightful and her dancing is so inspiring that you just want to become a better dancer! She makes you feel this.

It was also wonderful to see some of the dancers here that I know from the UK (Sarah, Farah, Frederique) and meet up with Kaye again who I was with in workshops last year.

  • Virginia - The Dynamics of Dance, from Ordinary to Extraordinary Dance inspired utilising her methodology of her own 10 qualities of Oriental Dance

Virginia too has that WOW factor to her dance. Watching her perform on Saturday night was wonderful and here in the workshop, she shares her tips and insights into what transforms your dance to be wonderful.

Phew! What another fantabulous day of dance.

But wait there's more - the final show and some will say, the one they've been waiting for:

CLOSING GALA ALL MALE SHOW Starring: Tito, Mohamed Kazafy, and Khaled Mahmoud (the last performance for Khaled in London).

OMG - I have never been to an All Male Belly Dance show before - I mean, I've SEEN male belly dancers before, but not in a show where it's just for them. What a unique and exciting night.

My friend Nick performs - he is a delight to watch and you can see he just loves to perform - he is a true entertainer.

Khaled does a lovely dance with a veil like skirt - it flows beautifully and he is so graceful in his moves - every hand movement is perfection.

Kazafy - his Saiidi is powerful and exciting as he bounces across the dance floor with vibrancy and purpose.

Tito - OMG!!!!! What a dancer! His finale - he enters, working the crowd, comes to our table and up he gets, towering above us in all his splendour - man, he can move those hips!!! And quick as a flash, he is gone, to another and another, leaving us wanting more.

We watch with excitement as he moves around the floor, his twists and spins, fast and precise, making us dizzy with the thrill of it all and then over he comes again - to me - and there he is, dancing above me as I fluff around to get my camera angled UP to his face - oh what a picture!! What a smile. :-)

He certainly has charisma my friend Nick agrees ;-)

Finally and sadly the show comes to an end. A few of us stay and dance for a while, enjoying the opportunity and then we make our way back to our hotels, saying our goodbyes to Jen and Kaye.

Nick and I wander back and grab a bite to eat, as all the dancing has made us hungry and we were still wide awake with the buzz of the finale to a wonderful weekend.

I relax in a nice bath back at the hotel, giving my muscles a much welcome soak after dancing all weekend. Luckily Monday morning I can have a sleep in as I don't have to be out of the hotel till 12pm, so I make the most of much needed time-out.

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