Phoenix Belly Dance Retreat

17-19th October.

Yet another wonderful, enjoyable retreat weekend at Bella Rakha Retreat Centre (581 West Coast Road, Oratia) held by Candice of Phoenix Belly Dance .

Full of fun and inspiration - it was lovely to see familiar faces and to meet new ones.

Thanks so much to our wonderful teachers Aziza, Bibiana, Julie, Tanya, Tatyana and Candice for taking the time to impart your knowledge with us and put us through our paces.

Aziza workshop topics were:

Extreme Technique

Isolation drills, conditioning, travelling steps, and all the personal practise Aziza utilizes to create precise movement


Face your fear of improvisation with practical tips and techniques from Aziza.

Fluidity in Transitions

One of the topics she is most famous for, Aziza shares her secrets of seamless fluid transitions.

I absolutely enjoyed every one of these workshops and AZIZA is a fabulous teacher. She just made 'sense' with all that she talked about and had us doing.

I also learnt a Gypsy Big Skirt choreography with Candice which was hugely fun. Split into two groups (there were about 28 of us there) , the 'families' were preparing the bride for the wedding - lots of fun as we danced together and apart.

The wonderful Hayley Smith fed us up a treat with delicious wholesome food and Hayley Robertson graced us with her beautiful Henna designs.

Friday night we were entertained by the teachers attending the weekend and also past teachers - lovely way to start off the weekend and to see Aziza dance for the first time in 'real life' was enthralling.

Saturday night we were treated to more performances by girls attending the retreat - always so good to watch. I also performed a solo and thoroughly enjoyed it wearing my new gorgeous orange costume from the Uk ;-)

I'm also looking forward to seeing the many photos that Nina Gastreich Photography took It was a fantastic weekend of dance, stunning performances, activities, fun and friendship. Am still smiling and will be all week :-)

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