AZIZA in Christchurch

24-26th October

Angela and I had decided we'd fly down to Christchurch the weekend after the retreat to follow AZIZA and join in the weekend with Aziza, Phoenix Bellydance and local dancers down there. Three girls flew over from Australia too, to join us - Jrisi. Kamelia and Jess.

You can never have enough of Aziza. Her enthusiasm and lovely personality captivates you. And she is so funny with it too - you just have to laugh at the punishing drills ;-) she dishes out because she's just so, well, nice, with it!

This weekend did not disappoint. After a lovely Friday afternoon flight to Christchurch and transfer to our studio apartments which were just lovely, we made our way to the restaurant where the meet and greet was taking place. It was so good to see the other dances who we know fom the South Island, and also to catch up with the girls from Australia.

Candice and Rachel kept us entertained with some wonderful belly dancing as we enjoyed a tasty meal and some Raki (in my case!).

It was a lovely way to start the weekend.

After a nice comfortable sleep at the apartment, the next morning we made our way to the local cafe for breakfast which would be our place of choice for the weekend. After having a hearty breakfast, a short walk to the dance studios at Salsa Latina and were ready for the day ahead.

The workshop topics covered over the weekend were:

Layer, Layer, Layer: An intermediate to advanced level class that focuses on layering movements for spectacular effect

Big fancy oriental Choreography: Aziza's most recent epic choreography, including a dramatic veil intro and folkloric styling for the stage.

Master Level Conditioning: Aziza's own work out to condition the body for endurance and level changes in Oriental dance

Hands, Arms, and Poses: Drills, exercises and combinations to add expression, intention and integrity to your performance using hands and arms

Saturday night we were treated to a spectacular show featuring NZ dancers, the Australian girls and of course Aziza - it was a fabulous line-up and the dancers were a delight to watch. Aziza was amazing! Such a beautiful dancer, radiating inner joy and fun.

It was a really wonderful time in Christchurch and I really loved all the workshops and especially the Big Fancy Oriental Choreography.

Back to Auckland on Sunday night to catch up on some much needed sleep and rest after yet another blissful weekend of dance :-) Thankfully Monday was a public holiday so I had some time out at home.

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