Open Dance Floor & Workshops Tauranga

Had a wonderful weekend in Tauranga at Tanya's Ascent Training Tauranga.

The Open Dance Floor was abuzz with dance and bling and I was happy to perform in front of such a lovely crowd.

Lovely to catch up with friends and meet new ones and a great way to end the day after workshop drills and thrills.

3 workshops over the weekend provided a great all round workout combined with the joy of dance.


Essential Elements Two hours of Essential Belly Dance drills and exercises. Strengthening your base and expanding your range.

Slow, Strong, Sharp and Fast Texture, Tempo and Intensity ... the quality of body movement carries and enhances dance expression.

Explore slow, strong, sharp and fast movement ... how to achieve it and how to use it to create texture and contrast, increasing the range of emotion and the audience impact of your performance.

Arabesque (aa-rah-besk; literally, "in Arabic fashion") Long lines, legs and footwork. Enjoy a newly created short choreography that emphasises and celebrates the "Ballet" aesthetic and movements fused into eastern dance to create our beautiful Belly Dance.

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