An Afternoon with Arabesque

Arabesque Belly Dance held their bi-yearly show 'An Afternoon With Arabesque' which saw months of preparation come to fruition. Having had a bad bout of the flu the week before and then still recovering this past week, I was able to perform thankfully albeit not firing on all cylinders. Quite a few others had to give it a miss because they had been struck down with it. It's such a shame when you've put a lot into getting ready for a show; practise, costuming etc only to have to pull out because you're just too sick to perform. We've had a particularly bad bout of the virus this year and practically everyone has been touched by it in some way if not themself, then through family, friends etc. The show was a huge success though with lots of variety.

Opening with a Bedouin Wedding Dance, we saw Egyptian, Cabaret, Khaleegy, Gypsy Caravan, Zills, Sword, Isis Wings, Fan Veil, Fusion, Indian, Chinese and Iskanderani Melaya dance. As well as some group dances, a wings duet and a solo, I performed the Melaya duet - with a 'Sailor'. It was a lot of fun and I think the audience enjoyed our 'skit'. Here's a photo of me dressed in the Iskanderani outfit.

It's a shame I didn't get a photo with my Sailor. An enjoyable afternoon tea completed the show and it was lovely to mingle with the audience and catch up with other dancers who had come to watch.

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