An evening for the Bride Groom

A few weeks ago I was given a number to contact an Indian lady about performing at her home the night before her brother's wedding. This instilled excitement and anticipation in me. These are wonderful events to perform at and almost always are a really fun night.

Of course, I said yes straight away.

The weeks leading up to this while I was preparing for the Arabesque Show, I was struck down with a flu like none other! The show came and went with me managing to perform relatively well.

The week before I was due to do the pre-wedding private, I got the flu back with a cough! Oh no! I made sure I looked after myself, resting as much as possible, taking medicine etc and on the day of the performance I was well enough to be able to go.

I had been asked to do a 40 minute slot, which is quite long for guests to sit watching when it's not actually a show, so I suggested breaking it into 2 segments of 20 minutes each - with 15 minutes of me dancing and then 5 minutes audience participation. Then I could also change costume during a 10 minute break.

So I went along at 10pm on Friday 9th October and was greeted by the lady who was very excited as no-one other than her and her mother knew I was coming. It was a surprise for her brother - the groom - and the guests - something different to get the party started.

As I walked through the curtains to perform, I was greeted with cheers all round - it certainly had the desired effect for the guests and her brother. They were all so overjoyed at the surprise. And what a lovely audience they were. Not long into the first dance, I was joined by a male guest - who was a very good dancer and this further caused more uproar and hilarity.

I was happily joined for most of the dances by this young man and also his sister who were both fantastic dancers. The audience loved it, so did I, especially when he appeared wearing a black wig and sunglasses. Such a laugh!

It was an excellent night - everyone made me so welcome and the family were lovely, inviting me to stay for some dinner and to join the guests for some 'Bollywood' dancing, which I did and thoroughly enjoyed. It was a lovely way to spend a Friday night and the lady's mum, bless her, sent me home with a takeaway meal for dinner for Saturday. So lovely.

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