Coming up - Diwali Auckland

This coming Sunday, 18th October, the Indian community will be holding it's annual Diwali Festival in Auckland City, Queen Street and Aotea Square.

I have danced at Diwali 3 times now both on the street and main stage under the Alapadma Dancers banner and have thoroughly loved it. We are given such a warm welcome by the crowds who pack into the area to watch the performances and the place is absolutely buzzing!

Soooo looking forward to performing the new choreography that Vicki has put together for the main stage competition performance - it's going to be very received I'm sure. And we'll revisit the veil one we did before, for the street performance which is a lovely one too and one we all enjoy doing.

So if you're going to be in Auckland this Sunday, we'll be performing on the main street around 2.30pm and then on the main stage at 4.25pm. Come along and see us.

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