Shimmy for a Cause

Create NZ - Pink Papercraft Day for Breast Cancer

Being a member of the Create NZ Craft Group, Fiona, our leader, organised the Pink Ribbon Breakfast day for crafting and fundraising for the Breast Cancer Society NZ.

She asked if I would do a performance for the attendees as a little extra something special.

Of course, I was happy to oblige as it was for a good cause and I knew most of the ladies there and some had wanted to see me dance for some time.

Setting the scene with the slow entrance from Khidni Habibi, the attendees eagerly waited to see my performance.

Using one of my silk veils I performed my now favourite choreography that I was taught by Rose Ottavanio.

A mix of slow and fast moves with my colourful silk veil - the ladies were an appreciative audience.

A great day of crafting and dance and fundraising.

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