Bon Voyage Sahher Hafla

Finally, I can get around to posting about what a wonderful time I had at my Farewell Hafla on Saturday 25th June. What a fabulous line up of dancers and a great turn out with guests too. It was so lovely to see my friends there who could make it and I know that those who couldn't come were there with us in spirit. Friends had come from Tauranga to Russell (and in between) and I really appreciate the journey you made to come along. HUGE thanks to all the people that helped with the Hafla, from setting up, helping with Tea and Coffee during the break, to cleaning up at the end. A special THANK YOU to Angela Reddecliffe who was a life saver all rounder on the night - from attending the door, organising the food and beverages, cleaning up and who took charge of the music so that we could dance without having to sort it ourselves. It was an informal Hafla, but I had all the music set up to run as seamlessly as possible for both the dancers and guests so there it was just wonderful that Angela took charge of this for me. Thank you to Julie Thomas and Angela Mott for the use of their sound systems when the hall one failed (only a belly dancer would drive around with a sound system in their boot - "just in case" LOL) Big thanks to the Desert Divas for being all round helpers and to Glenys Moy for organising the line up for me - there were many that needed costume changes so this all had to be factored in and she did a fantastic job of making sure it worked for everyone - I was the biggest culprit with 8 dances, therefore 8 changes and 6 of those were with other dancers/groups. :-) I had the greatest time dancing again with people I've danced with over the years. Thank you to Glennis and Diane for being our tea ladies, thank you to Lynn Frances Eaton for your kind donation to the door prizes (a lovely bottle of bubbly won by Cara), and thank you to all my friends who came along, brought food, and danced or watched. You made it a really special send off for me. :-) xx And on a final note - DRUM ROLLLLLL PLEASSSEEE! After tallying up all the payments minus expenses, my Hafla raised $287.50 for Alzheimers New Zealand!!! PLUS, Auckland Haflas had some money left over from their Hafla last year which was $46.50 and they had intended on this to go to a charity when they had accumulated a little more from another Hafla. They never got around to having another one, so Auckland Haflas have kindly combined their money to my Hafla, giving a grand total of $334, so I've just rounded it up and paid in $335!!! Thank you all so much once again for coming - it was a great night and also lovely to be able to give a little something to an organisation that treats people with so much respect and care. Much love xx

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