Shona's Belly Dance Spa Torquay

Oh wow! What an awesome weekend we just had at Shona's Belly Dance Spa.The venue is fabulous - a huge spa resort with pools, saunas (not that we needed it cos it was HOT HOT HOT), disco :-) and more.

Had a wonderful road trip down with Sandra and Zara and Tevec. Passed Stonehenge on the way there and back which was a real added bonus to see.

We arrived fairly late on the Friday night after a long drive from London and lots of traffic. We stopped off at a lovely little pub just after Stonehenge and enjoyed a delicious meal. I had whitebait as an entree and was expecting it to be like the whitebait fritters I get in New Zealand, but it wasn't. They were individual little whitebait fish in breadcrumbs. Very yum.

The Friday night show was awesome - it was the student's night to dance we we were treated to some really special dancing. Afterwards there was a group of us that went to the resident disco - we had such a laugh there. They're a really great crowd of girls at this dance weekend. It was also great to catch up with my buddies that I was in Cairo with this year - Catherine, Suzan and Clair.

Saturday morning I went to Zara's Mejancy workshop. This was brilliant. Really loved it! Looking forward to performing this at some point.

In the afternoon I went to the pub with Lisa, a new friend, and we watched England get through to the Semis in the World Cup! Yayyyy! What a buzz.

Saturday night was the teachers show and were we in for a treat! So lovely to see their performances - so inspiring to become a better dancer.

After the show, again, we went to the disco, only this time after it finished they had what they call a 'lock-in'. Needless to say, I didn't get to bed before sun up. Hahaha. Oh well, it doenst happen all the time.

So on the Sunday, instead of going to workshops that I had planned to go to, I went for a walk to the beach with Clair and Suzan and had a nice catch up with them. It was really nice to just relax actually. We've been having a heatwave in the UK, so the time to enjoy the weather was lovely.

All too soon people were saying their goodbyes for another year. I've made more new friends here too. The dance community is such a great welcoming place I find. I'm not into competition so I find I'm readily accepted into the news groups that I meet which is lovely.

Looking forward to next year too and also catching up with the girls along the way at other workshops and festivals etc.

Had a lovely drive home and caught Stonehenge at sunset. A lovely way to end the weekend.

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