Shona's Luxury Spa - Torquay 2019

Ready for showtime :-)

Well, here I am again - away at another dance Festival after just arriving back from Egypt. What a great year this is for dance.

Friday 5th July 8pm-midnight Welcome and Party night with student performances in the Riviera Ballroom

Saturday 6th Jul 11am-1pm

Fitness Studio The Art of Performance with Shona

Saturday evening 8pm-midnight Party night with teachers showcase in the Riviera ballroom from 8pm

Sunday 7th July 10am- 12pm

Riviera Ballroom Classical (Sert el Hob) with Sarah

I performed Taht il Shibbak on Friday night. It was well received and I really enjoyed performing. They're always such a fun group at this Festival.

Really enjoyed the workshops I attended over the weekend. The disco on Friday and Saturday nights were loads of laughs and fun too.

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