Celebrating Dance Torquay - October 2019

I went to this Festival last year and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I returned again this year. I really like the venue this is held at too and Torquay is such a lovely place. We were lucky with the weather too for this time of year.

So we had star studded line up for this year and it was hard to choose which workshops to do. But I had to make a decision.


Farah Nasri - Shaabi - always such fun doing Shaabi with Farah - lovely to see her again and she is an awesome teacher.

Zara Abdelrahman - Traveling steps and turns - Zara is a fabulous teacher and breaks everything down into bite size bits that you can really get under your belt.

Farah Nasri - Oriental Choreo - Farah puts together complex choreos and makes them look easy! But being such a great teacher, she is easy to follow and I always learn a lot from her too.


Zara Abdelrahman - Mejanse - Oriental Entrance - this is a valuable class to attend and Zara makes a complex set of moves look easy. Her technique is inspiring as are her combinations.

Farah Nasri - Contrasting and Comparision of Styles - Oriental, Folklore, Marhargamat and Shaabi. Going through the different ways the moves translate into each style. This was really interesting to see the slight differences for some and how to apply them.

A wonderful show on Friday night with the Attendees and then on Saturday the Teachers strutt their stuff and mesmerise us with their stunning costumes, choreos and techniques.

Such a fun filled weekend and lovely to catch up with so many friends there.

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