Cairo Nightclubbing February 2019

Here I am back again in Cairo for a week of nightclubbing and then 10 days with Randa Kamel for Randa Kamel of Course. I so love my time here in Egypt. The nightclubbing with Farida Adventures (Kay Taylor) is such a great week and a lot of fun.

First week Cairo nightlife 9-15 Feb Friday A visit to Khan al Khalili, where we had Egyptian pancakes - yum. Later we went to Abu Syd restaurant in Zamalek with Moyra and her mum and mum’s friend Ann. Yummy. Great place and we had a sugar cane and tequila cocktail. So nice!!! Saturday The Windsor Hotel. Very English original gentleman’s club which claims fame through Michael Palin. A nice intro to the week. Sunday Blue Nile with Sahar. Beautiful dancer as always. I love watching her. After that we went to a real 'locals' club in Downtown Cairo. They took us to a seat upstairs and within minutes it 'kicked off' on the dance floor. They got us out pretty quick and took us to a downstairs club. The dancing girls were lovely and got us up dancing. We were well protected there by them, not letting anyone near us. A man asked me to dance but they stopped him straight away. Monday Scherazade club to see Farowla (strawberry). In a galabeya, she oozed sex appeal and had the audience going when she did the splits and floor work. Tuesday Nile Maxim - Randa Kamel practising her show for the opening night of her course. She is fabulous as always. Wednesday Nile Dragon Scherhezerade (3am) and Oxana (6am). Fabulous. Oxana danced for us. She didn’t dance so much gulf stuff cos we were there. The singers inbetween were really good and kept getting called to sit by the man (we called him a Saudi Prince) at the next table so he could shower her with money. Oxana kept getting showered by us and then, the prince showered us with money!!!! Then! He sent over a couple of wads for us to shower Oxana with too. Wow! What an experience. It was fabulous. And have her money to shower us with too. Then another man came over with a smaller wad to give to us to shower her too. It was so lovely of them. What a wonderful evening. Thursday Valentines Night Semiramis - Dina and Saad!! Love him! He had a great group of dancing boys and band. He lit the room up. Dina was fabulous as usual and captivated the room. Cost £1550LE to go for a three course meal and the show. What a highlight for me to see both Dina and Saad on the same night. Awesome!! Friday The Fairmont Soraia and Amthal. Fabulous night. Soraia came on at 5am. This week has been one long sleep deprived week but have loved it.

Back and forth to Hanan and Eman for costume visits - so tempting and can't resist to add to the costume collection.

Went to Saqqara and Memphis. Fabulous. There’s tombs open round Saqqara that you could go in and the walks are adorned with paintings and hieroglyphics. Amazing. Went inside the step pyramid. So cool! Love the history here. Coming up next, Randa's week. Can't wait.

Dina and Saad

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