Randa Kamel of Course - February 2019

16-24 Feb Saturday Nile Maxim opening, fabulous as always. Randa and Sahar were wonderful to see. You feel like a VIP with the Zaffa parade and it's such a lovely way to start off the week. Sunday First day of workshops. I’m so unfit. LOL and Randa is soooo fit. Started a saiidi choreo. Loved it. Technique teaching was good to follow.

Sunday night. Went to go out to Spectre restaurant. Well, I WAS going. It was half hour walk from the hotel. We crossed over the road to get a taxi to go then decided to walk. So, because our tour guide was helping us cross the road, we decided to cross back so we’d be on the restaurant side of the road. The road is at least 6 lanes wide with a median strip to stand on. The traffic had stopped for us, and put their hazards on to slow the traffic behind. A few girls had got to the median bit and as I went to get to it, a motorcycle nipped up the side of the van that had stopped for us and hit me - he wasn’t there when I first looked and crossed. I bounced off him and ended up on the floor. I’m ok. Nothing broken thankfully. Was just badly shaken up and the thick part of my thigh that took the brunt force is now a lovely shade of purple. It’s also still swollen although it’s gone down a lot to what it was when it first happened. I’ve been icing it regularly. So, since then I haven’t danced as I haven't been able to. I’ve watched the workshops but feel tired all the time. I have gone on the tourist days out though and have still enjoyed being in the company of Randa and the girls and the evenings and day outs.

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