Raqs of Course June 2019

With the wonderful lady herself, Randa x

23rd June - 30 June Cairo

Raqs of Course

I have been lucky enough to be asked to work on Randa's Raqs of Course Festival by Sara and Randa. I have always wanted to attend a major Festival, so I jumped at the opportunity to work on it. It's held at Mövenpick Hotel Cairo Media City - what a beautiful hotel and the weather although hot was lovely - sunny every day. Stunning. Randa is so lovely and welcoming to me. I am very grateful for her friendship and cherish our times together and being able to learn from her. Day one and two started with registrations. Oh this was very busy. I was on the laptop checking people in. It was lovely to see people I knew from Randa's February course and also to make new friends too.

Opening gala night I worked on the door entry with Randa's son Karim. But although I was 'working' I was still able to really enjoy the gala and see the fabulous performances on stage.

Day one workshops.

I was on the door entry and assistance for the following worskhops:

AMIR THALED Amir’s romantic song - technique and choreography.

Oh I loved this - he is a fabulous teacher and a fantastic dancer.

ALIDA LIN Oriental Mejanse - technique and choreography.

Alida is so lovely and a very good teacher - this was a beautiful mejanse that she taught.

SAHAR SAMARA Sahar’s Oriental - New Cairo

How could I resist being on the door for Sahar. She is absolutely amazing. A really good teacher too. I could watch her all day.

Every night there is a Party Plus, where there are performances from all the teachers and students too, and you could pay to dance with Randa's band or to a live CD, and also the competition. There was also one night where we went out to a nightclub, and had a meal and a dance and were entertained. This was a really fun night. Thankfully the next day was followed by day at the pool where we could chill out and have a nice relaxing party by the poolside or spend the day going sightseeing or to Khan al Khalili.

Day two workshops.

I was on the door entry and assistance for the following worskhops:

KAREEM GAD Spicy Shaabi Egyptian Signature body language, gestures, technique and choreography.

And was this spicy? Oh yes!!! Kareem is a great dancer and teacher and having never seen him before I was so pleased to be able to be in this workshop.

ELENA RAMAZANOVA Mejanse - Elena Ramiza Style

I love Elena Ramazanova! I first went to a workshop of hers - an Iraqi dance choreography - many, many years ago in London. I was blown away by her dynamism and great teaching. She is awesome!

It was so good to see her again.

RANDA KAMEL Randa’s classic song

This was a three hour workshop with Randa and as usual time flies with Randa. It seemed like she just started and then it was finished. She is such a great teacher and choreographer. She really explains the technique well and I find Randa very easy to follow. I may not always get it right :-) but I love being in her workshops and I think having all the other fabulous dancers around me, elevates my dance to another level too.

Day three workshops.

I was on the door entry and assistance for the following worskhops:

ANNA BORISOVA “Shik Ashik” A playful & sassy song. Technique & choreography.

Anna is such a sumptuous dancer! Loved this cheeky number. And Anna teaches really well and has a lovely style.

AZIZA OF CAIRO Learn Aziza’s Baladi

Oh my! What a powerful stunning dancer Aziza is. I've always loved watching her perform and to be in a workshop with her where she breaks down the moves was wonderful.

Day four - swimming pool day! This was a lovely relaxing day where we could all chill out and relax and spend some time together. Although you get to do that throughout the week in the workshops and in the evening at the shows, it was a day where nothing was really planned, so it was lovely to have this in the middle of the week.

Day five workshops.

I was on the door entry and assistance for the following worskhops:

AMIR THALED Amir’s powerful yet sensual tabla solo

Oh wow! This was fast!!! Phew, I think I lost a few pounds joining in this one. Great fun and dynamic!

BRENDA Baladi Tableau Theory and choreography.

Love watching Brenda. She'd brought her own band with her and it was fabulous to see her teach and perform at the same time. A really enjoyable fun choreography. Brenda is an awesome teacher.

SORAIA ZAIED Master your hip technique with Soraia’s Oriental.

Technique and choreography.

Oh wow! Soraia is a fabulous teacher! Loved this whole workshop - the way she breaks down the moves is easy to follow and I just love her technique.

Day six workshops.

I was on the door entry and assistance for the following worskhops:

RANDA KAMEL Randa’s Shaabi

Randaaaaa!!!!! 3 hours of awesomeness!!! I could watch Randa all day :-) Such a fun choreo.

And so on to the final closing night.

What a fabulous way to end the week with star performances, tanoura, backing dancers, people on stilts and the competition final - wowza! Very sad that it's all over far too soon.

Thankfully I still have a few days left in Cairo with Sara and am able to catch up with my friend Traysi who lives there. Both Sara and Traysi have wonderful views of the Pyramids. I never get tired of looking at them and neither do they. They really are wonders of the world. Maginificent.

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